The House

Whenever visitors arrive at Redland House they are amazed at the position of the house and the views.  They often say ‘but the photos just don’t to it justice!` 

We have tried to capture the beauty of this amazing house and location but even so, it still blows you away when you arrive.

In 2009 Jenni Faulkner visited and featured Redland House in 'Fantasy Homes by the Sea' which you can view.  We have continued to improve the house so the decor has improved but it does give you an idea of the size and location of the house.

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Stunning location

Stunning Location

Redland House is located in the pretty coastal village of Instow.  It is slightly above the village so providing fantastic panoramic views of river, sea and rolling countryside.  Wherever you look you will have a fantastic view.


View over to Appledore from Redlands House

View of Instow with Redland House in the background.

Vie of the estuary, from Instow, North Devon

View from the top floor balcony of Redland House across to Appledore.

Outside Redland House

View from the front entrance of Redland House down the River Torridge towards Bideford.

Panoramic view from Redland House

View from Tapeley across to Redland House and Instow.

Panoramic view of the estuary


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